Worried About Your Large Tummy? Here Are a Few Lingerie Shopping Tips You Might Find Helpful

Just because skinny women rule the pages of fashion magazines, and the Victoria’s Secret catalog, doesn’t mean that only stick figured girls can don the latest lingerie fashion trends and look awesome doing it. Full figured ladies can pull off wearing sexy lingerie by finding the perfect style, fabric, color, and size that will maximize their best features and de-emphasize some of their imperfections. Part of looking sexy is being comfortable and confident with whatever you are wearing. If you feel sexy and comfortable with your lingerie, then you’ve already won half the battle, sister!

Large Tummy

The fact of the matter is most women know if they are wearing the wrong type of lingerie. It just doesn’t feel right. And if you feel awkward with what you are wearing, it will show just like it will show if you feel hot and sexy. Your man will sense your sizzle and, well, you probably have an idea of what happens next. The point is, the first step toward finding the best lingerie that suits you is being comfortable with what you have in terms of body features and characteristics. Don’t go wishing you have Kate Moss’ body so you can wear this or that type of lingerie. Accepting what you have and knowing what your limits are is crucial to finally feeling comfortable with wearing the kind of lingerie that will make your significant other focus his attention on you instead of the game on TV.

Plus Size Model

All women, including those on the heavier side, want to feel special, sexy, and desirable. And lingerie is all about just that, allowing women to feel their best. Women who have large bellies should consider the fabric and material of the lingerie. Avoid wearing those that are tight-fitting and clingy. Materials such as PVC, leather, and Lycra are not ideal for full figured women as they tend to emphasize on the curves that you really want to conceal. You should opt instead for loose fitting lingerie styles with free flowing design. Materials like satin or silk are not just comfortable, they also drape well and can help draw attention towards your other features.

Look for lingerie designs that will play down the negative aspects of your body but bring out all of your best features. The key to perfecting an elegant and sexy look is to draw attention away from the areas of your body you don’t like and accentuate the characteristics that you do find attractive. For instance, if your breasts are your greatest attribute, then opt for bras that will put some emphasis on your cleavage. On the other hand, if you are “all about the bass” (yes, the song!), then don some lingerie that will feature those perky puppies.

Babydoll Lingerie

Another aspect of the lingerie selecting process you need to consider is the color. Every piece of lingerie you wear should have the same color. Multicolored outfits only work for peacocks; you are a beautiful woman with class and flavor. Stick to darker colors when picking out your lingerie; black, navy blue, burgundy, and brown are a full figured woman’s best friend because these colors can make you appear slimmer. Just remember that when it comes to lingerie, the simpler the better.

How to Choose Lingerie That Compliments Your Figure

Choosing Lingerie

Not all lingerie styles work for all body types. There are bras and panties that are designed for a specific figure. Although a particular lingerie may look good on you, there are other styles out there that can really bring out your best features and make you feel like a goddess, or at least feel like a lingerie model on fashion week. It is important to know which style works well for you and which ones don’t, so you can focus on designs that will maximize the positive aspects of your figure and downplay the negatives. Contrary to what fashion magazines have led you to believe, most women don’t have bodies like Adriana Lima or Kate Upton.

Believe it or not, there are women’s lingerie styles that will look great on you whatever your body type is. You just have to know how to pick them out. You need to realize one thing however, even though part of the reason why you want to get yourself a nice lingerie is to look hot and sexy for your significant other, you should always remember that you are doing this for yourself above all else. And if it so happens that your guy finds you irresistible in the lingerie you picked out for yourself, then good night. And have a pleasant evening.

Measuring The Bust

First of all, you need to update your bust size. Have your bust measured at your local boutique or lingerie shop. Just because you’ve been wearing C-cups for years doesn’t mean that it’s your accurate bust size. When it comes to lingerie, bras in particular, ensuring proper fit is as important as the style or the fabric. Finding the right fit is already half the battle in making yourself look sexy and comfortable. You can measure yourself at home by grabbing a measuring tape and consulting a lingerie magazine for proper measuring instructions and lingerie size charts.

Choose a bra that will enhance or maximize your bust area. If you have relatively small breasts, then you should consider bras with padded cups and underwire to effectively add some lift to your breasts and make your cleavage more pronounced. If you are well endowed, then choosing a bra that features molded foam will help you bring your bosoms under control, so to speak. Cleavage is a good thing, but you know what they say, having too much of a good thing is bad. Your goal is to maintain a cute and sexy cleavage, and to avoid making it look like someone’s bottom.

Pick out a lingerie design that will compliment your midsection as well, especially if you have a slightly robust tummy. Lingerie that covers your midsection and diverts attention towards your legs and chest area is the perfect option for you. On the other hand, if you want more curves in your midsection, you should go for fitted lingerie and corset tops to enhance your curves. Choosing lingerie is all about knowing what you need in order to enhance or compliment your best features.

When choosing cute and sexy knickers, make sure that they flatter, or butter up, your hips and bum. Nothing looks sexier than a woman with nice hips and a curvaceous booty. Ask him, he’ll agree for sure.

Women’s Lingerie: Choosing the Right Fit for Your Figure

Womens Lingerie

Every girl and woman wants to look good in a nice pair of bra and panties. Even though lingerie is technically underwear and not meant to be shown in public, it’s still nice to know that you look cute and sexy in them. However, not all lingerie styles and designs are made for every figure. Not all women can get away with wearing flimsy demi cup bras like a Victoria’s Secret model. Contrary to what the label might say, bras are not one size fits all. Well, not if you want to feel comfortable while wearing them and trust that they can provide adequate support for your breasts.

Cute Lingerie

There are a lot of classy and cute lingerie out there. Sure, it looks great and super hot when models wear them in fashion magazines and on TV. But it’s a whole lot different when Photoshop and special effects makeup are not involved. Every woman’s body is different. When you choose your lingerie, you need to remember that a stick-figured body only exists in magazines and TV land. You need to consider your own figure, and body type, in figuring out which bra style and design suits you best. Wearing sexy lingerie is only half of the solution if you want to look great. You have to feel sexy and comfortable with what you are wearing as well.

The first thing you need to do is determine what your body shape is. Are you top heavy, bottom heavy, or balanced? Top heavy women are generally larger in the chest and mid section than in the hips and thighs. This is what is known as apple shaped. Bottom heavy, otherwise known as pear shaped, are women with a curvy bottom. Meaning, their hips, thighs, and bum are slightly larger than their mid and chest area. You need to figure out which body shape you have before moving forward in choosing a lingerie style that is perfect for you.

Padded Push Up Bra

When picking out lingerie, you need to focus on those that work well with your figure. Before you go on a shopping spree for your lingerie boudoir, you should have an idea of which bra and panty style suits your shape best. Top heavy women should look for lingerie that draws attention to their breasts and away from the mid section. Women with this type of figure shouldn’t have any problem finding bras that can maximize their awesome cleavage. Bottom heavy ladies, on the other hand, should find lingerie and clothing that can play down larger thighs while putting emphasis on their curves. Women with a balanced shape should look for styles that add curves to their figure. Padded push up bras can help create an illusion of larger breasts, while ruffled panties can add some curves to your hips.

When you pick out a set of lingerie, make sure that you feel comfortable in it. Don’t force yourself to wear pieces that you really don’t feel good in. Keep in mind that in order to look sexy, you need to feel sexy. Your attitude has a lot to do with how you carry your clothes and how you project yourself to others. You can’t look your best if you feel like a ragdoll rolling down the stairs.

Seamless Bras – The Top Choice for Versatility

Buying Bras

As a woman, you know you can’t live life without ever buying a bra. This piece of lingerie is, in fact, one of your daily essentials. Considering that lingerie isn’t all that cheap, you’ll have to make sure you buy the right kind of bra so you don’t waste your hard-earned money on your purchase. Bras come in a wide variety of styles, and each style is ideal for a particular kind of dress or top. However, many women and even lingerie experts would agree that the seamless bra is perhaps the most versatile type of bra, making it the ideal everyday bra.

 Seamless Bra

As the name suggests, seamless bras are bras that come with cups that have no seams. About 68% of women have this type of bra in their lingerie drawer, proof that this is indeed an all-time favorite. The biggest advantage of this type of bra is that you can wear it with practically any outfit. No matter how sheer the material of your dress or blouse is, you can still look good when you’re wearing a bra without seams. This is especially true if you’re wearing a skin tone bra, which is deemed the most invisible even under sheer clothing.

It may also be a good idea to choose seamless bras with full-coverage cups for everyday use, as this type of bra offers the highest level of support. You can wear it under any shirt or dress, and you’ll be comfortable all day long, no matter how hectic your schedule is. You may also want to buy a convertible bra, which has straps that can be detached and styled in several ways. This type of bra provides you with the perfect undergarment for all occasions and all types of neckline.

Undergarments Are The Foundations Of Your Wardrobe

As any stylist will tell you, your undergarments are the foundations of your wardrobe. Whatever you choose to wear, it will look perfect only if you have the right kind of lingerie underneath. This is why your bra has to fit your personality, the occasion, and your outfit. You may choose to buy bras with a number of different cup styles and strap styles, but for ultimate versatility, it may be best to always go for seamless bras. At the very least, the seamless brassiere should always be part of your lingerie collection, even if you prefer seamed bras for the most part.

Smart Ways of Cutting Moving Costs during a Move

save money on moving

Lessen moving expenses? Very possible. Your entire move will entail quite a fortune, which makes cutting costs down every opportunity you can not only right, but also a necessity.

Here are things you can do to save some cash.

Decide What to and What Not to Bring


This must be done before you get your moving quote. Inspect all of your items and list which must be packed. Sort your items well. For dysfunctional and unnecessary items, consider throwing them away. For items in tip-top shape that you’ve no need for, sell or donate them. If you’ve got ample time before the moving day, you can launch a garage sale. The preceding method does not only cut your moving costs, but provides you revenue as well. If ever you belatedly realize that you have more items to include in your packaging than what is indicated in your quote, instantly inform your removalists in Melbourne of any changes.

Do the Disassembling and Reassembling

Items such as exercise equipment and play and outdoor gym sets are easy to disassemble and reassemble. Instead of asking movers, disassemble these yourself. Better yet ask a friend or relative to help you. For heavy things however such as your bed, leave it to the movers.

Be the One to Disconnect and Reconnect Appliances

Disconnecting and reconnecting appliances are easy tasks that do not consume much of your time. Generally, movers do not perform these and if requested, may demand higher fees. If you have no idea of the procedures, ask someone you personally know and ask for their help.

Pack What You Can Handle

Leave the fragile and heavy furniture to your movers; pack your sheets, towels, and clothing yourself. You still have to use the right packing materials though; else, your items won’t be safely protected during transit. Use bubble wrap over newspaper as it provides more cushioning and protection. Before doing the packaging, make sure you have plenty of boxes and materials available to avoid further hassles. If you’ve opted to buy your boxes from your removalists, you may even be able to return unused boxes and get paid.

Save Time

There are movers that charge you by the hour. If your contractor is one, make the best use of the timespan you are serviced. One way to do so is color-coding your boxes. Doing this scheme, you don’t only make things easy for your mover, but lessen servicing time as well.

Insure Your Move

Do you have a homeowner insurance policy? If so, ask your agent if your move will be covered by your existing insurance. If it indeed is, you no longer need to buy additional moving protection.

Buying Scuba Gear without Breaking Your Budget

Scuba diving gear can be quite expensive. There’s no question about that. This is why many beginners hesitate to buy their own gear and opt to rent instead. Renting, however, ends up being more expensive in the long run if you decide to make scuba diving a regular activity, whether for recreational or other purposes. Fortunately, there is a way for you to acquire your own momentum watches without necessarily breaking the bank.


One of the solutions you may want to consider is shopping for discount scuba equipment. In this case, among the first things you should do is decide exactly what type of discount equipment you’re looking for. Note that there is a wide variety of diving equipment currently available, which can make the task of choosing specific types of equipment a bit confusing and maybe even downright overwhelming. Writing down a “wish list” may be a good idea.


The first things you should include in your list, of course, are the basic pieces of diving equipment – wet suit, mask, fins, etc. You may then consider if you’ll be buying accessories (dive knife, dive watch, etc.) as well or not. Go through your list once more to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Once you have everything listed down, you can start writing down the details of each type of equipment, such as your preferred color and the specific features you want them to have.


In deciding on the features of your scuba gear, it is often a good idea to ask experienced divers for recommendations and advice. Ask them what you should look for and how you’ll know if a particular piece of equipment fits you just right or not. Of course, what works for others may not work for you, so it is still advisable to try on a few styles and brands when you shop, even if your diver friends have already given you their recommendations.


Note that there may be a tradeoff between a piece of equipment’s features and its price. This is especially true where discount products are concerned. As long as it is still within your budget, we advise you to always value quality over price. Bear in mind that scuba diving is highly dependent on equipment, so you’ll have to make sure your equipment is of excellent quality even if it comes at a discount price. Your safety, after all, is on the line.